A GROUP has been set up in Whitchurch to provide support to people with neurological conditions and their families.

Sarah Elsley set up Beautiful Minds and she wants to use the group to support children and adults with conditions like autism, ADHD and special educational needs and their loved ones.

Sarah decided to set up the group because she has a daughter who is having assessement for one of the conditions and wanted to connect with people who are having similar experiences.


She said: "There is nothing in the area.

"It is a group for adults have conditions like autism and ADHD and for parents whose children have been diganosed or undiagnosed.

"It is a place for people to go a chat.

"We are going through it ourselves with our daughter.

"It can be quite lonely at times and many people do not understand.

"It is somewhere where people can chat and help others mental health and get ideas of each other."

The group had its first meeting this month and Sarah hopes more will turn up.

She said: "It went OK.

"A couple didn't turn up for what ever reason.

"They seem really grateful.

"Hopefully more people might come."

Sarah said the impact of these conditions can limit the amount of time people go out and socialise.

She explained: "Sometimes people do not get to go out and socialise.

"With this people will be able to get together and talk.

"Hopefully we will be able to organise some groups in the future and do things together."

Sarah confirmed the group will be having a meeting at the end of the month in the barn next to Sainsbury's and said more people are showing interest.

She said: "It is still in the early stages.

"We will see how it goes.

"I know a lot of people responded, there are about 70 people in the group so far.

"A lot of people seemed quite keen on the idea.

"It is just getting more people to attend."