CALLS have been made for a "rat run" through a popular resort near Whitchurch to be closed to the public amid concerns over safety on the roads.

Local man Thomas Parry says motorists are cutting between Terrick Road and the A49 through the Hill Valley Hotel, Golf and Spa resort.

Mr Parry worked on the site many years ago and says motorists were only able to access the hotel site from the back roads and not from the A49 - and now believes that barriers should be reinstated to stop drivers using it as a shortcut.

He said: "When Hill Valley was first built, there was no access off the A49, only via the backway."

Mr Parry says the entrance was made off the A49 many years ago after complaints were made by residents of Terrick Road when it housed a nightclub and hosted live music.

He said: "In those days there was a nightclub with live music and people complained about others going down Terrick Road.

"So another entrance had to be made off the A49. We had barriers there.

"There were two steel barriers and it was up for years as people felt safe."

Mr Parry fears new housing in the area will lead to more vehicles and an increase in traffic using the site to go between Terrick Road and the A49.


He said: "It was access to Hill Valley only. Now we have traffic coming through.

"The neighbours are complaining about the amount of traffic. I spoke about it with someone who lives in Whitchurch.

"With more houses being built, there will be even more traffic coming through."

One day, Mr Parry counted vehicles passing through the site between the two roads - including lorries.

He said: "I was there one day and I counted 75 vehicles going through.

"They were going straight through and not to the hotel.

"There are wagons and tractors going through," he added.

"People don't even look at Hill Valley. I was only there this Friday. Two vans came through."

A spokesperson for Hill Valley said: "This is a private road that is used by guests to access our facilities at Hill Valley Hotel, Golf & Spa from both directions.

"We are aware of increased road use by the public, and we will continue to monitor this over time."