WHITCHURCH is no stranger to ghosts.

Certainly the spirits of the dead seem to have earned their eternal lock in at several of the town's pubs.

A girl has been heard singing from the cellar of the Old Eagles.

In 2020, the landlady said: "There have been reports of a child in the cellar which I have not seen, however we had some building works which may have disturbed them.

"We have had the gas being played with, things moving, disappearing, but I think we know who it is now, so we say hi when we go to the cellar.

"There have also been a couple of people who walk past the bar that you catch out of the corner of your eye.

"I did have someone who was saying my name and whistling and it can also get very cold for no reason sometimes."

Whitchurch Herald: Old Eagles, Whitchurch. Picture: Geograph.

The Old Eagles. Picture: Geograph.

Meanwhile the Old Town Hall Vaults is also home to spirit.

Poltergeist activity has been recorded including the smell of perfume by the fire, the heavy handle of a coal bucket being moved, a chair being kicked over and the front door being found bolted from the inside.


A dark figure is also seen behind the bar and there are stories of people being touched and shoved.

Loud thuds, moaning and the alleged sound of gunfire have been heard.

Once a man resembling a butcher, complete with large knife and leather apron was spotted, in the area where an abattoir used to be located behind the pub.

Whitchurch Herald: The Bkack Bear. Picture: Geograph.

The Black Bear. Picture: Geograph.

Finally the Black Bear is also home to several ghosts.

A lady in a long dress has been seen walking through the bar and disappear into the wall where a fireplace used to b while the spectre of a man in a flat cap is said to sit in the corner.