A VACANT Wem hotel sold at auction recently will be up for sale again immediately after the buyer declared the building was 'not for him'.

The auction for the White Horse Hotel, in High Street, took place on Monday, October 17 in Stoke and fetched a price of £75,000.

The Grade-II listed building has been derelict for more than a decade and concerns have been raised about its poor state and the amount of refurbishment the building needs.

The auction was carried out through estate agent, Butters John Bee, and it confirmed the building is up for sale again and there will be viewings rather than auctions for the building.

A spokesman for the estate agent said: "The seller bought it and he found it wasn't suitable for what he wanted to use if for.

"That is why he is re-selling it.

"It wasn't suitable for him when he went and viewed the property.

"It is not going to go in another auction because it was in October's auction on Monday.

"We are now trying to sell it and we have already arranged some viewings for next Tuesday."

The building had been sold to a buyer at an auction in June earlier this year in an auction before going up for sale again.

Many people in the town have voiced their concerns about its poor state and in 2019 Wem Town Council even spoke about purchasing the iconic building and a letter sent to the owner of the neighbouring property said if repairs did not take place the council had the ability to purchase the Grade-II listed building.

The derelict nature alarmed Shropshire Council and the unitary authority said in 2019 that it had to make emergency repairs to the building.

Wem Civic Society raised its own concerns over the future of the White Horse and other listed buildings in the town earlier this year.

Oliver Richardson, from the group said: "Concerns for two listed buildings, the White Horse and the Morgan Library, stood out.

"The society has questioned the future of these properties on numerous occasions.

"The White Horse offers a potential income stream with the upper floors let as apartments while offering community facilities below."

For more information visit https://www.buttersjohnbee.com or call 01782 212201.