Two Ellesmere College students are set to play at Wimbledon this August.

The Shropshire teens, Gwen Klu and Sofie Glinos, will compete in the National Finals of the Under 18 doubles event.

The doubles pair, 14-year-old Miss Klu from Telford, and Miss Glinos, 15, from Hereford, will head to the iconic London venue after the professional contest concludes.

They have secured their place as part of the nationwide 'Play your way to Wimbledon' competition run by the Lawn Tennis Association.

They ensured their arrival at this flagship location by winning the West Midlands Under 18 doubles event at the Shrewsbury Club.

Miss Klu said: "I'm really excited to go through to Wimbledon with Sofie.

"We played very well together and thrived in each other’s company.

"I feel that we have worked extremely hard in school together to achieve even more in our tennis matches and to help each other improve.

"I'm really grateful for this opportunity and what doors this may open for us in the future.

"Now we must continue to put in the hard work to ensure success."

Miss Glinos's father, David, said: "After battling back from a broken arm and illness over the last 18 months, her family are very proud of her for securing a second Wimbledon appearance in three years.

"We are very much looking forward to another trip to the hallowed turf this August."

The competition enables local club event winners to participate in the County Finals, with those winners progressing to the National Finals on Wimbledon's grass courts.

Both Miss Klu and Miss Glinos, representing Shropshire and Hereford respectively, are students of Ellesmere College and have secured their positions as part of the Tennis Academy Elite Squad.

Director of tennis at the Ellesmere College Tennis Academy, Stephen Welti, said: "The girls' teams have been enjoying great success at a national level over the last couple of years.

"It’s good to know that this trend will continue over the coming years with talented players such as Gwen and Sofie leading the way.

"They have developed a good understanding as a doubles pair, playing in several tournaments together this year."