Officials at Malpas Cricket Club have welcomed a decision to strip rivals Mossley of 25 points in an abandoned game which has handed the Wrexham Road side the Cheshire Division 5 title.

Malpas alleged that the clash between the two Mossley sides should have been abandoned and not conceded, and their appeal was upheld by the league who ruled in Malpas's favour and downgraded the result from 25 points to just seven.

This means Malpas will now play Division Four cricket as champions and vice-chairman Nigel Shone believes the right decision has been made.

"Mossley CC, without doubt, will now bitterly regret their decision to claim an unfair advantage over a rival club," he said.

"I’m pleased to announce that the Cheshire Cricket League executive committee, after giving Mossley the opportunity to present a case to support their actions, have upheld our appeal – the match status is now officially recorded as an abandoned game because of the weather rather than a conceded one.

"The decision made by the league executive will send out a very strong message to all clubs throughout Cheshire, that fair play must be adhered to and upheld at all times, regardless of the situation, or importance of the game."