IT HAS been a whirlwind year for the Whitchurch-based Fort Boxing Club.

Head coach and boxing director Daniel Bailey shared his thoughts on the past few years of challenges for the club which has overcome a host of hurdles to go into 2024 on a high.

The club has moved headquarters twice in the past two years with Bailey juggling his coaching role with his commitments with the British Army where he is stationed in Northern Ireland with the Second Battalion Rifle.

The club heads into 2024 with Bailey determined to put the town on Britain’s boxing map.

Bailey said: “The last few years have been challenging but very rewarding.

“With the closure of the old club in Bronington we then moved to Whixall Social Centre in search of a new venue.


“I’m glad to say the club has overcome closure and gained a new venue.”

Bailey set the club new goals for last year and the hard-working coach has been left delighted as each milestone was met and surpassed.

He said: “We raised over £5,000 with a fundraising marathon and bingo.”

The Whitchurch raised coach has even invested his own money into the club, saying: “It’s always been my lifetime goal to open a boxing club in my hometown of Whitchurch and the Fort boxing team and community have been amazing with supporting the club.”

At the start of a new year the club has new goals to strive for insisted Bailey with the club not resting on its laurels.

He said: “We will be opening daytime fitness and boxing sessions, work more alongside schools and support other local organisations with vulnerable people.

“We are also in search for more volunteer coaches to help support the boxing as well as seeking out to local businesses to help support the amateur boxing team.

“The Fort Boxing Club has now selected an amateur boxing team we will be in training for competition ready to put Whitchurch on the map of boxing.

“I would like to say thank you to all volunteering staff and sponsors as well as a massive thank you to the community for their support throughout 2023.”