PLANS to pull down a 16th century barn near Whitchurch and rebuild it around a new heated swimming pool, have been refused due to "insufficient information" being provided to support the application.

William Heywood-Lonsdale, put in two applications to pull down and rebuild Ightfield Barn near Whitchurch, but was refused planning permission by Shropshire Council on Wednesday, November 9 for both.

The Historic Environment team for Shropshire Council said it felt there was 'insufficient information' with Mr Heywood-Lonsdale's applications but was supportive of a plans which would provide uses to the hall and suggested he put any plans in a single set of applications.

It added: "We remain supportive in principle of a scheme that would provide viable future uses for the hall and the barn whilst also balancing the need to conserve their heritage significances.

"It is possible, and without prejudice, that in overall terms the degree of harm caused to the heritage assets could be considered less than substantial.

"However, to achieve this an evidenced based approach, aimed at providing clear and convincing justification for the harm caused, is required in line with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the local plan policies."

Case officer Richard Denison decided to refuse permission and concluded: "Officers are supportive in principle for a scheme that would provide viable future uses for Ightfield Barn in association with the Ightfield Hall whilst also balancing the need to conserve their heritage significances.

"Unfortunately, having considered the submitted information officers consider that there is insufficient information provided within regards to the physical works to the listed building.

"It may therefore be possible, following the submission of the additional information outlined above in separate document, and amendments made to the scheme to bring all of the proposed works on the Ightfield Hall site into a single set of applications.

"For this reason and at this stage of the application, in terms of the current lack of sufficient justification for full demolition of the building and because of the application being submitted separately to that dealing with the hall and outbuildings, we are minded to suggest that the level of harm is likely to equate to substantial harm.

"Therefore, this application is being recommended for refusal.

"Shropshire Council seeks to work proactively with applicants to secure developments that improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of an area in accordance with the NPPF.

"However, in this case the application is not considered in principle to fulfil this objective having regard to relevant development plan policies and material planning considerations."