WHITCHURCH Indoor Bowling Club are welcoming new members as they reopen their doors again next week.

Two sessions will be held at Whitchurch Civic Centre on Tuesday, October 18, and chairman Dave Simcock is inviting potential new members.

He says that throughout the Covid-enforced hiatus, 12 members have left the club.

He added: "We are having two sessions, from 1pm to 4pm and 7pm to 9.30pm.

"We would welcome new members, because of the pandemic the club has not been able to meet since 2019 during this period and we have sadly lost 12 members because of various reasons, including Covid.

"You don't pay a membership fee just turn up 20 minutes before the start and register your name to play.

"Whitchurch is renown for it's facilities, proudly boasting six mats whereas even the when county games are played they can only offer four.

"Hopefully during this season we may be able to host a full county game.

"We offer a game that is very sociable that players of all ages can play, you don't have to be big and strong as playing the outside game."

Dave says that a video is also being produced to entice new players to the game.

He added: "We have been offered a five minute video to be made by a local producer to explain the rules and fun of the game, and this will be available on our facebook page in the New Year.

"So we will be waiting for you all you have to do is bring yourself along and a pair of flat soled shoes and woods if you have them if not we will loan you a set.

"For more information, ring 01948 663693."