A DAMAGED telegraph pole in Ightfield has led to concerns from residents that wires have been left hanging dangerously.

For around four weeks a telegraph pole outside New House Farm near Ightfield has been left hanging after a car collided with it.

Warning tape has been wrapped around some of the wires, which remain in operation.

Annemarie Downey, whose parents live in the nearby house, has been left questioning why the pole has not yet been repaired.

"There has been a unrepaired and unsafe telephone wire has been hanging over the road of Ightfield whitchurch Shropshire for four weeks now which is right outside my parents house of New House Farm Ightfield," said Annemarie.

"This has been due to a driver who has driven onto the telephone post knocking it down since then it has been hanging very low to the road and a silage tractor got caught up in the wire.

"How is this safe on a busy country road and is not acceptable to be so unsafe for so long now."

Meanwhile a spokesman for Openreach, the company in charge of maintaining telegraph poles, said the only alternative was to disconnect the wires entirely.

The spokesman said: “It’s really unfortunate when our network is damaged in this way.

"Engineers attended to make it safe and remove the damaged pole, and made a choice between leaving the wires in a safe, but less than ideal place, or disconnecting them altogether.

"The second option would have left nearby properties without phone and broadband services, so they were really keen not to do that.

"We’re hoping to get a permanent repair carried out shortly and have flagged it up today as a priority.”