JUNE can be an inspirational time.

Perhaps the month is so popular to so many for it represents the start of summer and end of the winter struggles.

Of course we all love being cozy at home over winter and spring but the arrival of summer is nature’s way of telling us that it back open for business.

You never have to look far or wait long into June for tell-tale signs.

This could be the sound of the first bleat of a spring lamb or the bird song of one of our chatty winged friends fresh upon their return to these shores from their winter migration.

For some the start of summer is marked by the first sight of the sea.

American poet FG Sanders was clearly a fan of June and dedicated work to the opening month of summer.

He wrote: “Far up in the deep blue sky, Great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green; Many happy birds are seen, Roses bright and sunshine clear Show that lovely June is here.”

It is hard to disagree with these sentiments.

Certainly we will all be complaining of the temperature in coming weeks and a great may more will find themselves caught in a thunder storm while wearing their shorts and flip-flops and many miles from home.

However these are among the joys and curiosities of the great British summertime and we would not change it for the world.