A PLANNING application in a field near Wem which the parish council has objected to over animal safety and noise issues will go before Shropshire Council next week.

The applicant, D Rogerson, wants to turn a field in Edstaston into a horse paddock, with a new access and building for stabling horses. His application will be on the agenda for the Northern Planning Committee in its meeting on Tuesday, August 16.

This is the second time Mr Rogerson has sent a planning application after his first one was rejected a planning application in December 2021 by Shropshire Council.


Since then he has sent another form and the clerk to Wem Rural Parish Council, Carole Warner said it objects to the proposal citing animal safety and noise.

She added: "The site does not meet the sustainability requirements.

"Potential noise and activities on the site, especially early in the morning and late at night would harm local amenity.

"There is the danger of slow moving vehicles exiting the site onto a national speed limit B road.

"There are additional concerns relating to animal welfare, safety and security."

The current application has received no comments from the public in either support for or objection to it.

In addition, Highways said it did not object but added there were conditions which needed to be met.

Tracey Darke, the assistant director of economy and place for Shropshire Council said approval was recommended due to the feeling that the current application would not impact negatively on the surrounding area.

She added: "Where previous issues have been raised then it is acknowledged that these have been satisfactorily resolved within the revised scheme and supporting information and can additionally be adequately addressed through the imposition of appropriate planning conditions of approval."