A woman has claimed she found a spider’s nest inside her ear after feeling a “scratchy pain”.  

Lucy Wild used an earbud camera to make the discovery after thinking the pain was a build up of wax.

Three weeks earlier, the 29-year-old had pulled a spider from her ear and thought that was the end of the ordeal.

But a "scratchy" pain continued so the mother-of-three sent the Smartbud camera for another look.

Whitchurch Herald: Lucy Wild found a spider and then a spider's nest in her earLucy Wild found a spider and then a spider's nest in her ear (Image: SWNS)

She was shocked to find what she claimed to be a spider's nest which she said was like something out of a sci-fi.

'It was like something out of Stranger Things'

While doctors cleared out her ear, Lucy, a part-time teacher and content creator, from Sale, says she’s still emotionally scarred by what happened.

She said: "It was like something out of Stranger Things. It looked like you were going into the upside down.

“I don’t know what it left in my ear that was black but maybe it cut my ear – I know some spiders have babies on their legs and back.

“I was very confused as to how it even got in there, how does spider get in your ear and you not know about it - I was petrified thinking there might be another one."

Lucy first noticed an unusual feeling in her ear in mid-October and says she felt something "crackling" in her ear when she woke up and assumed it was wax.

But when the feeling continued throughout the day, she used her earbud camera to investigate.

Wild was shocked to find a spider that had taken up residence in her ear before using olive oil to flush it out.

And when she used the Smartbud to look again she found the inside of her ear was covered in a black substance.

She was referred to the ear, nose and throat (ENT) department after visiting the doctor and when they investigated, she was shocked to hear the ENT specialist suggest it was a spider’s nest.

After an excruciatingly painful procedure, the alleged nest was suctioned from her ear but Lucy says she thinks there’s still some left in there.

She is now warning others about the horrifying incident.

Lucy said: “About three weeks ago I felt crackling in my ear and just thought a bit of ear wax wanted to fall out.

“I thought I’d have a look when I got home but I didn’t press record because you wouldn’t expect a spider in your ear.

“I was flapping around trying to get it out, we called 111 and put warm olive oil in my ear and drew it out.

"It was covered in oil and the size of about my baby fingernail - about 1cm.

“But the blood concerned me so I went to see a doctor the next day as it was still bleeding, and I couldn’t really hear.

“The doctor gave me antibiotics, I took those for a week and thought that’s it – but then I felt pain in my ear again and that’s when I recorded it.

“I was completely shocked – I was wondering if a bigger spider had got through my ear drum and my partner was winding me up saying they’re nesting in there.

“At the ENT appointment as soon as he saw the video and looked inside my ear he said he’d never seen it before.

“He said yes, it is a spider's nest, you’ll have to deal with the pain because I need to get this out of your ear.

“I actually vomited while he was doing procedure it was that painful – it was the most excruciating pain I've ever felt.

"I'd rather go through childbirth or a c-section again.

“When I got home I had another look can still see a bit in there but it’s been swabbed so we’re waiting to see what comes back in two weeks.

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