It's almost December which means, let's be honest, indulging just becomes a way of life and no one can judge.

Whether that be an extra pig in a blanket over tea or a cheeky pint with a friend you haven't seen for a while, at Christmas, it's all ok.

That said, it is still important to keep things healthy as it'll make next year's inevitable resolution a heck of a lot easier.

For that matter, Dr Michael Mosley is as ever the health guru on hand for such tips.

The expert told the Express in 2020: “It's certainly very tricky to follow a healthy diet over the Christmas period. So I do recommend that you try doing some substitutes.

“For example, I would recommend that you have more roasted vegetables, parsnips and things like that, rather than a big pile of potatoes.

"Go for a healthy, Fast 800 Christmas cake, rather than something a lot more glutenous than that. And also suggest you do try and keep up some sort of exercise regime.”

The Fast 800 is a popular diet created by Mr Mosley which involves eating nutritious but low-calorie foods.

“During Christmas, you will find it very difficult to do any serious calorie restriction"

He continued: “The temptation is to sort of sit in front of the telly all the time, particularly after a big Christmas meal, but you will find that is going to help burn off some of those calories you've just consumed in huge amounts.

"And if you are following a healthy diet, then do let the rest of your family know that being given boxes of chocolates for Christmas is probably not a good idea this year, or ever."

Michael Mosley added: “During Christmas, you will find it very difficult to do any serious calorie restriction, but I think you might do something like time-restricted eating, particularly ending your evening meal earlier. 

“Some recent studies have suggested that that is beneficial. And so try not to have a late-night splurge.

“Typically, what we do is we have a kind of reasonably big Christmas lunch, go for a longish walk, do some exercise, and then have a sort of very light evening meal, which is sort of leftovers and then play lots of vigorous Christmas games, running around.”