When you think of TikTok you might think of short videos, viral sounds, and your favourite creators.

But the social media platform offers a lot more than content with the chance to have an entire shopping spree at the touch of a button.

For many the idea of buying on TikTok shop might be daunting with some concerned that not all might be what it seems.

I for one was one of those users who was unsure of the idea of buying through TikTok, but I wanted to give it a go.

That’s why, instead of opening TikTok to watch videos, I went shopping to see what the platform had to offer and if it really stood a chance against other social media shops.

Is TikTok Shop any good?

Typically, I don’t think many people open TikTok for the purpose of shopping, but on this occasion I did.

That may have been why I found it so hard to find products that I actually wanted or needed within my budget of £10.

But I did eventually find three items I thought may be of interest and had at some point been viral on TikTok.

Finding a ‘Made by Mitchell’ liquid blusher, a Maybelline vinyl lipstick as well as a viral ‘pop it’ game.

Whitchurch Herald: My TikTok Shop haul.My TikTok Shop haul. (Image: Newsquest)

Buying two out of three from official TikTok Shops, my concerns about being potentially scammed were low.

With a basket totalling £13.24, I was able to save £5.53 thanks to discounts and free shipping on some of the items.

Now all that was left was to wait for the products to arrive.

Time to inspect TikTok Shop

Like most online shopping experiences, I quickly received confirmation and shipping details from TikTok soon after I had paid for my basket.

Whilst I did get shipping information on when to expect items, that seemed to be the only details I got, with only the Maybelline vinyl lipstick bought through Look Fantastic offering information.

Nonetheless, I waited for my parcels unsure of when and what would arrive first.

Less than a week after my order was placed, I was surprised to find the liquid blush from Made by Mitchell the first to arrive at my door.

Although the item came in a slightly wasteful-sized package, the product itself was very good and well worth the £6.78 spent.

I had often seen items from Made by Mitchell appear on my TikTok For You Page and Live Feed so was curious to see how good the product really was.

@madebymitchell SHES HERE ✨✨✨✨💁🏼 #madebymitchell #blursh #fyp #viral #mitchellmart #makeuphacks #dripdrip #makeup ♬ original sound - madebymitchell

As it turns out, the liquid blush is worth all the praise it appears to get from the makeup community on TikTok.

The second item to arrive was the Maybelline vinyl lipstick, with free shipping, I received transport information on the product meaning I knew when to expect it.

With a timeframe for delivery also offered, Look Fantastic delivered the item on the exact time and the product which I often use is still as good as I would expect.

Last but not least, the ominous ‘Bear Pop It Game’ is known officially as the “1 Piece Bear Design Fast Push Game”.

For those that haven’t seen the product on TikTok, it is similar to ‘Whack A Mole’ with the aim to hit the correct dots before time runs out.

As with any simple game, it became addictive, very addictive.

@lightuplife647 Super stress relieving button toy! Love it or buy it!#toy #decompress #OCD #Surprise #fyp ♬ original sound - FlashyTrend

At first play I thought, ‘This is a nice fun game’, and after playing for 10 minutes I put the game down, only to find myself back less than 10 minutes later back on it.

Passing it around the family so everyone could have a go, I quickly found I was not the only one who seemed to enjoy the game.

As we each attempted to beat the other score and even played it during the TV ad breaks.

Making the ‘Whack A Mole’ by far the most surprising buy and one of the best, costing just £1.20.

The Verdict on TikTok Shop

Whilst I don’t think I’ll be heading back to TikTok for the purpose of shopping, I do think that if I ever saw something that I really wanted, I would feel more than happy to buy it through the app.

From ease of use and buying, TikTok shop seems to have made buying through a social media platform much easier than rival attempts.