A cute hot water bottle with pouch is going down a storm on TikTok after one user showed off how useful they were finding theirs.

Of course, using heat for period pains, muscle cramps, trapped nerves and back pain is not a new concept but this little invention makes a hot compress easier to manage. And it’s pretty adorable too.

Alex, who goes by the TikTok handle smallex4ft11, appears on screen in checked pyjamas and what appears to be a furry koala belt around her waist.


The koala is in fact a pouch holding a mini hot water bottle helping Alex deal with period pains while remaining hands-free to eat her meal.

@smallex4ft11 this was an investment #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound - alex

She explains: “On this episode of things Alex bought from Amazon that she didn't really need, but she definitely did need: A hot water bottle pouch.

"Look how cute this is.

“£14 pounds for the mini hot water bottle, the pouch which you can strap anywhere - if you've got back pain strap it to your back.

"I've got cramps, so I've strapped it here, my hands are free, can eat my pasta.

“And it came with two hot water bottle cases as well. Just in case I don't feel like having a cute little pouch and I wanna hold it, I can do that.

“Life is great."


Alex’s followers seem sold on the concept too, with dozens of comments saying they wanted one of the koala pouches.

Tamzin Still said: “Me when it comes to ppl asking what I want for Christmas me literally that exact hot water case.”

Seeing the positives in the mini warmer, Amii Chappell commented: “And no hot water bottle burn.”

TikTokker bronwen is already a fan saying: “best thing i ever bought! every time i have cramps i’m walking bout the house with it on.”

While Luna was yet to be entirely convinced asking: “Does it fit snacks??”

If you are also thinking your life could be great with the addition of a mini hot water bottle belt with the face of a koala, you can buy one via Amazon.