A security expert has revealed the time of day that you're most likely to be burgled.

Data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that a home in the UK will have been burgled by the time you finish reading this.

In fact, one house is burgled every 165 seconds. 

In light of this alarming news, the security solution specialists at Crime Guard have conducted their own research to shed light on the times of day when homes are most vulnerable to break-ins.

Security expert and General Manager Sue Titley has shared its insights, along with preventative tips to help keep you safer.

What is the most likely time to burgled in the UK?

“While many imagine shadowy figures creeping in under the cloak of night, burglars might be more opportunistic than we think," according to the security expert.

Sue continued: "A significant portion of burglaries in the UK, over 40%, happen between 3pm and 5pm.

"This broad daylight window coincides with school pick-up times, especially in semi-detached houses, a common property type in the South East of England.”

How do I stop my house from being burgled?

The security experts have also shared some ten top tips to prevent your home from being burgled.

These tips range from scheduling your deliveries to being savvy about your social media.

Schedule Your Deliveries

Delivery drivers often leave parcels on doorsteps assuming you’ll be home shortly to collect them.

However, this is a clear indication that you aren’t home, and as such your property may become a target.

Schedule your deliveries for when you're in, opt for signature-required deliveries for valuable items, or have packages delivered to secure locations like your workplace.

Parcel theft in the UK has risen by 57% in the last year, making these precautions more relevant than ever.

Lighting is Key

Motion-sensor lights are a great way to catch intruders off guard, leaving them feeling exposed.

Solar-powered pathway lights can also deter thieves before they even reach your door.

Given that 34% of burglaries in the UK happen during the day, daytime security measures are essential.

Fake It

Fake security cameras are surprisingly effective in deterring thieves.

Though they don’t physically prevent break-ins, realistic-looking cameras create the illusion of monitored property.

According to the Home Office, 95% of burglars actively avoid homes with visible security systems.

Social Media Savvy

Avoid sharing holiday updates or geo-tagged photos while you're away as this signals your home is unoccupied.

A 2023 study by Aviva found that 1 in 5 people had been burgled after posting holiday details online.

Research also indicates that 43% of burglars know their victims, so be wary of who you share your posts with.

Turn Up the Volume

Leaving the radio or TV on low volume when you're out creates the illusion someone is home and is particularly effective during daylight hours when the majority of burglaries happen.

Opt for news channels or talk radio for a more natural-sounding effect.

Secure Your Garage

Garages are overlooked entry points, with a worrying 27% of UK burglars gaining entry through garages or sheds.

Secure garage doors with strong locks, and consider adding motion sensors or an alarm system within the garage itself.

£1 Coin Tip

Lock picking remains a common tactic among burglars, and this highlights the importance of having robust locks.

To check if your cylinder is vulnerable to lock-snapping attacks, simply place a £1 coin against the cylinder—if it protrudes more than the depth of the coin, it should be replaced with a more secure option.

Fortunately, you can learn to fix a door lock through online tutorials, making it a relatively straightforward security upgrade.

Recommended reading

Lock Up

It may seem obvious, but nearly a third of homeowners in the UK reportedly forget to lock their doors or windows when going out.

In short, this makes it easy for thieves to enter your home.

Hide Your Calendar

If your calendar is visible from a window, it’s time to move it.

With valuable information like when homeowners are away, calendars inadvertently provide burglars the opportunity to strike when you're not at home.

Clean Your Alarm Keypad

Burglars can potentially crack your alarm code if they find traces of your fingerprints on the keypad, so you must wipe it down regularly.

It’s also wise to create a complex passcode combination to thwart any attempts to trace it.