A PLEA has been made by Whitchurch Rotary Club for a shop premises to help them raise the funds need for its vital Prostate Cancer event.

Each year, the club holds a free Prostate Cancer screening event, which has saved a number of lives as men use the screening to visit their doctors.

The event is free for all those who attend, to encourage a high number of participants, but the club relies on fundraising in order to pay for the medical professionals involved and the facilities.


A spokesman for the Rotary says that part of the fundraiser is having the space to open a pop-up shop which brings in a lot of money.

They said: “This year, on March 18, Whitchurch Rotary Club held its event at the Whitchurch Rugby Club, it was a resounding success with 957 men attending from that total 47 were advised to seek further medical advice.

“The event does not come without a cost to Rotary, and this year it cost £10, 400 so to go forward for next year we will need to raise further funds.

“If anyone within the town limits has empty premises that Rotary can borrow for two weeks so that we can open our POP-UP-SHOP for two weeks we would be very grateful.

“This would help us start the hard work of raising the funds for the next event.

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“I am sure I don't need to tell you that 12,000 men die of this disease each year and they don't know they have it until it's too late.

“That is why it is called the painless silent killer, so please we need your help to keep your loved ones safe.

“If you can help please ring 01948 663693 or 07415 661021.”