POWERS to allow Shropshire Council or police officers to hand out fixed penalty notices to people who fail to pick up their dog’s fouling will come into place in June.

It comes after proposals were sent to Shropshire Council’s Cabinet in October 2023 to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for Shropshire to help tackle dog fouling and nuisance, in response to public complaints.

Following public consultation, a small number of amendments were made and Shropshire Council’s Cabinet agreed to introduce the PSPO in April, with a six-week period required before it comes into force.


A Shropshire Council spokesman said: “The PSPO will enable Shropshire Council and the police to issue fixed penalty notices of £100 – or £50 if paid within 10 days – to owners who allow their animal to foul pavements and public amenity spaces without clearing up afterwards.

“Dogs will also be excluded from fenced play and sports areas and will be required to wear a lead on the highway.

“Officers will also have the power to ask for a dog to be put on a lead in public areas where they are not under control of their owner or are acting aggressively.

“The order will not apply to a person who is registered as blind or has a disability which affects their mobility, manual dexterity, physical co-ordination, or to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects, in respect of a dog trained by a prescribed charity upon which they rely for assistance.

“If the dog is a working dog, including dogs that are being used for work in connection with emergency search and rescue, herding or sheep herding animals, law enforcement and the work of the armed forces.

“These exemptions will only apply while the dog is working.”

The spokesman added that any appeal under Section 66 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 must be made to the High Court within six weeks of April 17.

The order may be challenged in the High Court by anyone who lives, works in, or regularly visits the PSPO area.

The High Court can suspend or stop the PSPO if it believes the local authority was not empowered to make or vary the PSPO ­– www.gov.uk/courts-tribunals/administrative-court

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The PSPO will be implemented with a public education and information campaign advising on health considerations, the impact of dog nuisance, and the reasons for enforcement action.

The campaign will aim to educate and encourage pet owners to act responsibly.

If you have any dog-related concerns or would like to report an issue, please report directly to Shropshire Council via its website or call the Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006, or via the FixMyStreet mobile app.