A PLAN to turn the rear of an empty Whitchurch shop into a residential area has been approved by Shropshire Council.

Plans to convert 10b Green End from a retail unit into a residential area with access to an upstairs flat via a loft conversion – which has already been approved – received the green light from Shropshire Council last week.

The unit, currently empty, will maintain its front for retail space to allow for a future business to be installed.


In her report approving the plans, Shropshire Council planning officer Melanie Williams explained that, despite sitting in the Whitchurch Conservation Area, the proposal presented no issues and was approved, with conditions.

She said: “The proposed conversion and addition of a residential unit is supported in terms of its siting, scale and design.

“There are not deemed to be any major issues of highways or amenity sufficient to warrant refusal and the application is recommended for approval.”

She added that previous applications covered any issues around heritage, which were not addressed this time.

“No heritage assessment has been provided with this application,” said Ms Williams.

“However, this can be covered by the one submitted with (a previous application).

“It will be necessary to condition joinery details and remove permitted development rights from the upper floor residential accommodation to ensure that the historic windows to the first floor Green End elevation are retained.

“They can be secondary glazed if thermal or sound upgrade is required.

“The reason for this is that the historic frontage is considered to contribute to the significance of the conservation, a designated heritage asset in its own right.”

According to the report, the building pre-dates 1900 and applicant Matt Malcolm, through agents Croft Architecture Ltd, was told that any changes to windows in the property must be shown to Shropshire Council first.

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The plans are expected to add one additional one-bed residential unit to the premises by converting the rear section of ground floor to residential with the main front rooms remaining as a retail unit.

The unit will have a front bedroom, open plan living and kitchen area, rear bathroom plus external courtyard area, the internal walls of which are glazed providing light for the unit.

Also proposed is the enlargement of the existing residential unit at first floor by converting the second floor to two additional bedrooms.