A CANADIAN folk band is making its return to Whitchurch later this month, thanks to North Shropshire Folk.

Sextet The Paperboys will be playing at the Talbot Theatre at Whitchurch Leisure Centre at Sir John Talbot’s School on Wednesday, May 22.

The Paperboys will be bringing its own style of performing Celtic reels, traditional Mexican folk, fiddle tunes, New Orleans brass band music, classic pop songs, bluegrass and even the odd philosophical waltz in a single set.


A spokesman for North Shropshire Folk said: “The Paperboys, sometimes referred to as the “Los Lobos of Canada”, have played an estimated 4,300 concerts since their formation in 1993.

“At the heart of The Paperboys is a trio of gifted songwriters and musicians: founder Tom Landa, a fedora-wearing singer, guitarist and bandleader who immigrated to Canada from Mexico as a teenager with Kalissa Landa, a lifelong violinist and singer with a preternatural sense of melody.

“And Spirit of the West flautist, guitarist and singer Geoffrey Kelly, who was already a Canadian music icon when he boarded the Paperboys bus in 1997.

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“Far from being a jam band, The Paperboys reinvent their show every time they take the stage.

“Once the band agrees on an opening song, there is no longer a setlist. The song ends, the audience reacts, Landa reads the room, and the journey begins.”

Tickets at £18 with £6 for under-18s are available on www.northshropshirefolk.com or 07506724572.