A DOCTOR based between Whitchurch and Wrexham says his appearances on a major More4 show about rural GPs is to create more awareness of the need for new facilities.

Dr Kieran Redman has appeared on GPs: Treating Rural Britain on More4 and will return for more coverage in episode six to be screened on Thursday, May 30.

Dr Redman and his Hanmer Surgery colleagues are currently fighting for funds from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) for a new facility that best fits his practice.


And he said his decision to feature on the show was purely motivated to make that happen.

He said: “We were approached by Curve Media, the production company, in January 2023 about whether we would want to take part in highlight GP services in rural areas.

“They found us because of the excellent media campaign being conducted by our supporters for new facilities.

“They sent up someone to follow me for the day and they pitched us to Curve Media as someone to take part.

“Then they approached us again, this time to ask to take part but I had to consider the protection of the surgery, staff and patients.

“I was unsure whether to do it because there was risk about how we would be made to look because editing is a cruel process.

“But I decided to take the risk in the hope that the final programme would put pressure on the health board into helping us with our new facilities.

“We need their financial support – I don’t need them to do it for me because I have had the plans ready since 2015.

“We don’t need the health board to do it.

“I would hope that viewers locally and across North Wales will see how much contrast there is between us and other surgeries on the programme.

“I could tell that we are the poor relation to others in Wales.

“In fact, they realised they didn’t have enough footage to show that so they sent a cameraman back to see us and he followed me around while I pointed out the work we needed.”

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Dr Redman said he was also motivated by showing the importance of a rural doctor’s surgery to its community.

He said: “The main point of this show, for me, is to show the resilient and resourceful surgeries in the countryside that don’t have the services that towns do.

“It is to show that is exactly why we need the new surgery.”