Lidl has said it could relocate its Whitchurch store, as it announced its plans for a major overhaul of its store estate.

The supermarket giant has released a list of sites in the UK, including stores that could be relocated in the same town – one of which was the store on Bridgewater Street.

The news comes as the British arm of the company celebrates its 30th anniversary and unveiled its wish list of locations as part of plans to open hundreds of new stores across Britain – creating thousands of new jobs.

Richard Taylor, Lidl GB Chief Development Officer, said: “Having fortified our infrastructure with significant investments like Luton, which is the largest warehouse in the Lidl world, we're proud to have achieved record market share this month.


“We have also been the fastest growing bricks and mortar supermarket for the past seven months in a row.

“With an exceptional store network and our laser focus on operational excellence, we’re welcoming more customers through our doors than ever before, which positions us perfectly for continued expansion.

“As we celebrate our 30th year, our commitment to ensuring that all households across the country have access to high quality produce at affordable prices is stronger than ever. We’re planning to open hundreds of new Lidl stores but ultimately see no ceiling on our ambition or growth potential.

“This is why we’re continuing to invest in new locations whilst exploring innovative routes to expansion. As we look ahead, we’re excited to welcome even more new shoppers to our existing stores, as well as those we’re planning to open across the country in the coming months and years.”

Lidl have said the list “indicate areas of interest to Lidl which are desirable for new stores” and that no decision has been made yet on whether to go forward with any of the proposals.