A police officer bravely carried a live unexploded shell from the war across Wem so it could be safely disposed of.

Local officer, PCSO Oliver Morris, had to carry an unexploded military shell across the town centre of Wem after it had been inadvertently donated to a charity shop in the town.

According to officers at the scene the shell had been “donated with other memorabilia” to a local charity shop who after a few days realised that there was something off about as it.

Old military shells are frequently used as furniture however according to the officers, the shell had no tip or projectile and was just the lower half which contained the explosive, which made it unusually heavy.

This alerted the shop's owner that something was wrong.

PCSO Morris, who has not been long in the job, realised it could be dangerous.

The officer then called for assistance from the neighbouring safer neighbourhood teams in Whitchurch and Oswestry who rushed to help secure the scene.  

He took the shell and carried carefully to Leek Street car park opposite the Co-op, placing it down safely before immediately dispersing everyone in the vicinity to keep them safe until the Explosives Ordnance Disposal team could reach the situation.

The team, which is a part of the military, is based near Chester and is one of only five such units in the UK who specialise in such cases.

When the Explosives Ordnance Disposal Team arrived, they realised it was dangerous and removed it from the town centre to a nearest available field that was away from the public so it could be detonated safely.     

West Mercia Police had warned the public to avoid the area but have since said in a statement online: “Following an unexploded ordnance being handed into police this afternoon (Wednesday 17 April), Explosives Ordnance Disposal attended and moved the device to a safe location where they conducted a controlled explosion.”