A RURAL community outside Whitchurch has been donated a vital life-saving service, courtesy of the Grocott Family Charitable Trust.

A defibrillator costing £1,500 has been given to the community of Whixall and has been installed outside of the Whixall Marina gates, for easy accessibility.

The defibrillator has been funded to support the community and the growing number of visitors to the marina which has grown its reputation to boat travellers over the last few years.


Whixall Marina owner and charity trustee Linda Grocott, said that as more people come to the Marina as well as more people moving to the village, it was a ‘common sense move’ to install the device.

She said: “As the marina becomes a more popular destination for local people and visitors, we saw the need for this life-saving piece of equipment.

“We wanted the defibrillator to be located somewhere immediately accessible for all those living in the local area too so it’s been placed outside the marina gates.

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“It’s important we have the appropriate equipment available in case of emergencies and that the community knows it’s here.”

The Trust has supported a large number of community projects over recent years including the funding of the Prees Medical Centre and eight bungalows for older people, located next to the Centre.

The defibrillator is registered on the British Heart Foundation Circuit and by dialling 999 and giving the location code, found on the outside of the case, instructions will be given as to how to open the case and access the defibrillator.