THE future of Whitchurch’s market is under threat, according to one resident while its town council says it is in limbo because of uncertainty around the Civic Centre.

Julie Wright, a Whitchurch resident and business owner, says that the current situation in Whitchurch, where the Civic Centre is closed because of the Raac crisis, has come on top of a decline in the market even before then.

She believes the market ‘has to be protected’ and urged Whitchurch Town Council to do more.


She said: “It is with a heavy heart and a sense of urgent concern regarding the potential closure of the market in our beloved town of Whitchurch.

“The market has been an integral part of our community for generations, serving as a hub for both commerce and social interaction. However, recent developments have left us deeply worried about its future.

“It pains me to see that the market is struggling because of a lack of support for our dedicated traders.

“What's even more disheartening is the apparent resignation of the authorities responsible for the market's management.

“It seems they have given up entirely, showing no effort to attract or retain new traders. This negligence will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in footfall and, ultimately, the demise of the market.

“The impact of such a closure would be devastating for all involved.

“Not only would it deprive our community of access to locally-made products and goods, but it would also sever an essential lifeline for many residents who rely on the market as a vital outlet for social interaction.

“We can urge the authorities to take action and ensure the survival of this cherished institution. Let's not allow apathy to dictate the fate of our market and our community.”

However, Mike McDonald, proper officer at Whitchurch Town Council, said the issue was that it was awaiting the outcome of the Shropshire Council Working Group regarding the future plans for the Market Hall as part of the Civic Centre complex.

He said: “We have, of course, continued to support those traders who gave their support to the Market following the closure of the Civic Centre in September.

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“As an interim measure, we have suspended welcoming new traders to the Market while we await outcomes.

“This is primarily to manage expectations and, of course, the Market Hall also accommodates activity that was previously booked elsewhere in the Civic Centre on a Friday morning.

“I would add the importance of the community supporting the market each week to ensure we are able to continue to demonstrate its value to our town.”