A police helicopter was used in a car chase which led to the arrest of two people on suspected drug charges.

West Mercia Police have confirmed that they arrested two people near Ellesmere last week (March 4) after needing to use a police helicopter to chase them down.

The operation which was initiated by the Ellesmere Safer Neighbourhood Team after they received intelligence about the vehicle.


The police confirmed that the vehicle had failed to stop when indicated to by officers leading to a chase involving police vehicles with the police helicopter providing assistance.

The vehicle was eventually forced to stop and two people who were in the vehicle were arrested and charged for suspected drug offences as well as a series of driving offences.  

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: “On March 4, a vehicle failed to stop (FTS) for officers.

“The vehicle was pursued by Road Traffic Officers and the force helicopter (NPAS) was requested to support ground units.

“A tactical stop was made on the vehicle and two parties were arrested at the scene on suspicion of FTS, drug offences and driving offences.”