BOSSES at a nursery in Whitchurch are pleading with drivers to show more consideration by staying off pavements and driving carefully.

The call has come from the management team of Little Bears Nursery, in Claypit Street, who took to social media on Tuesday to make the plea.

Aimee Bailey, a manager at the nursery, re-iterated her call over asking drivers to not park on pavements, therefore reducing space for children and their families passing by, but also asked for cars to be slowed down.


She said: “Recently we have seen posts regarding Claypit Street Road.

“Some of you may not be aware but Little Bears Daycare operates from Brownlow Community Centre situated in Claypit Street.

“While most people will recognise this, with the amount of people choosing to move to Whitchurch recently, there are still some people who may not be aware.

“We are seeing more than ever people mounting the kerb (I understand sometimes it is the only way to get through due to congestion) but it only takes a second for a child to enter the path.

“We also see people frequently driving their cars and tractors with the occupants using their phones and speeding down while we are playing in the front gardens.

“We are encouraging parents to use the car park provided at the back of the building to reduce the build-up of cars parked on the road.

“We have also contacted the local police to source some signage to indicate children are often crossing and to be aware.

“We are in the process of contacting the town council for advice and also the local MP to suggest adding a crossing on the road.

“We are doing everything we in our power to ensure the safety of our children and families, so we please ask to be cautious and courteous when using the road.

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“If you do see a car mount the curb, a situation occur that could endanger, please do get in touch with us at

“If we can document the frequency this is occurring we are hoping this will help our appeal to make changes.”

It is the second time in six months that businesses and residents have called for more consideration from car users on both sides of Claypit Street, which crosses London Road and Brownlow Street.