A PLAN to replace a ‘substandard’ dwelling and garage at a farm in Prees has been put into Shropshire Council.

The application for The Nook Farm in Whitchurch Road (A49), was submitted last week and is to be replaced with a new dwelling as well as a sewage treatment plant.

A design and access statement, on behalf of applicants Mr and Mrs Bennett, set out the reasons behind the replacement in the proposal.


It said: “The existing dwelling is of a distinctly poor form and of substandard quality.

“It has no architectural merit, being of boring, bland and obtrusive appearance in the context of the local vernacular of dwellings in the vicinity.

“Within its countryside landscape setting enclosed by trees and hedges, the incongruous form, material and detailing is ill-thought through and distinctly poor, with decidedly poor energy efficiency qualities.  

“The garage is equally aged and located adjacent the hedgerow to the east of the main house.

“Again of poor layout and siting having to traverse the expansive garden or hardstanding to access the garage.

“Full plans have been provided to enable full consideration.

“The garage is integrated into the proposed dwelling to improve access and use, reducing walking through the garden to access the previous garage, while in all other respects, the scale dimensions, materials, sitting on the same footprint, layouts and setback distances have all informed the designs to enable a dwelling fit for modern farming and family requirements in the first instance, while also ensuring the visual amenities are improved on the existing layouts.”

The statement added that there are ‘no neighbours nearby capable of being impacted, or even effected by the proposals, which continues to safeguard residential amenities’.

It added: “The current access arrangement benefits from ample visibility splays at the junction with the A49, restricted to 50mph.

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“The existing arrangement was installed as safe with existing visibility and shall continue to be maintained as a safe means of access.

“The proposals do not exacerbate or place undue pressures on the local highway network.”

A decision is expected at the end of next month.