WREXHAM AFC's co-owners have made an life-changing donation towards a young fan with a rare genetic condition.

Four-year-old Louis Perrin was born with a rare genetic condition called TUBA1A. 

Whitchurch Herald:

As well as having epilepsy and cerebral palsy, the young Wrexham AFC fan suffers from painful leg spasms and limited mobility leading him to become dependent on a wheelchair.

The family from Wrexham now need to adapt their family home to support Louis and meet all of his medical needs, which will cost approximately £40,000.

On Friday (February 9) Wrexham co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney donated £10,000 to Louis' family which will make a life-changing difference.

The pair also left the comment "Up the town, young man." 

Whitchurch Herald: A message of support from Ryan to Wrexham Police FC.A message of support from Ryan to Wrexham Police FC. (Image: Sgt Dave Smith)

he JustGiving page, which currently stands at just under £16,900, was started by Wrexham Police FC to encourage residents to donate whatever they can to make a difference. They will also donate all proceeds from their upcoming charity match on March 23.

Louis's parents Aaron and Charlotte Perrin say he loves football and regularly watches his beloved Wrexham AFC as well as listening to music. Now based in Wrexham, Aaron used to teach in Malpas and the family has received plenty of support in the town.

Whitchurch Herald: Louis PerrinLouis Perrin (Image: Sgt Dave Smith)

Aaron said: "The generosity and class displayed by Rob and Ryan to the club, town, and now city continue.

"We can not believe our little boy has sparked this much interest. The response from our community is incredible. Rob and Ryan, you don't realise how much this will help Louis and our family."

Louis's story has received attention online with other celebrities sending messages of support including former England football manager Harry Redknapp and presenter Nick Knowles.

Currently unable to access most of the family home, including his own upstairs bedroom, the money raised will allow his family to adapt the home, giving Louis a more comfortable and independent upbringing.

Both AFC co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob MCElhenney have made several wonderful donations to local causes and organisations in Wrexham since taking over the club three-years-ago.

The family want to express their gratitude to everyone at Wrexham Police FC for organising the fundraiser, as well as the Wrexham community, donators and Ryan Reynolds for their sincere kindness and support.