A PLANNING application to add five more homes to a previously-approved development in Ellesmere is with Shropshire Council.

The application for building 14 dwellings instead of nine at plots 38-41 and 54-58 at the approved development for the land south of Oswestry Road in Ellesmere.

The original planning application – itself a re-submission – was approved by planning officers in March 2023, around two years after its submission to Shropshire Council.


And now a new bid has been made to increase the number of homes, meaning that 112 will be built overall by Shropshire homes Ltd.

The original planning application said: “All the homes will be two-storey with an interesting range of designs successfully developed by the company over many years of providing new homes in Shropshire.

“There will be a range of materials, yet to be finalised, they will be predominantly brick using a mixture of brick types, predominantly red in colour with Gemini concrete tiles which give the appearance of a plain tile.

“The characteristics and constraints of the site have resulted in a development set within landscaped open spaces, with the majority of trees and hedgerows retained, which will create an attractive natural environment for the occupants of the new homes and for existing and future residents of the area.”

According to the new application, the increased number in properties will be added to the number available for shared ownership or affordable renting.

The majority of the extra housing will be two-bedroom properties while there will be two four-bedroom houses for ‘market’ while two more two-bedroom properties will be made available for shared ownership.

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In approving the original planning application, Shropshire Council officer Mark Perry said that the site, while outside the Local Plan, was an acceptable application.

He said: “The site subject to this Planning Application, is a proposed allocation within the draft Shropshire Local Plan and is considered to be an appropriate and deliverable site, well located relative to the town’s development boundary and its services and facilities.

Consultation for the new application for the extra dwellings will close on Wednesday, January 31 while a decision is expected to be determined by Wednesday, March 6.