A FORMER mayor and current councillor in Wem has admitted the town is in shock after three people were arrested for murder on Saturday.

Two men, aged 51 and 41, and a 37-year-old woman were all arrested on suspicion of murder on Saturday, December 23 for an incident at Isherwoods Way where a 52-year-old man died.

Edward Towers, an independent Shropshire councillor who also sits on Wem Town Council, admitted people were coming to terms with the news.


But he repeated the police message that this incident was an isolated one.

He said: “To all those that I have spoken with, they are shocked.

“This has come at a particularly poignant time of the year with Christmas.

“There’s been church and carol services but people have been asking each other ‘have you heard’.

“It’s a shocking event and not one we have faced before.

“Wem is a peaceful and pleasant place to love and to have this on our doorstep means something has gone on that we are not seeing.

“A family is grieving because this has happened.”

Councillor Towers added there was support for people worried in the town and took the opportunity to remind people of the town’s reputation for looking after each other.

He added: “I call on people in the town to not feel fearful and I think the police have said that too.

“It’s not something that will happen across the town and it’s not something that the town has to deal with before.

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“Wem is a town that looks after its own and if people are worried, they can find help.

“When I was mayor for the first time, I adopted the message that Wem = Where Everyone Matters and there are services, churches, myself and Peter Broomhall as councillors who can help.

“There’s not reason to be fearful but we don’t any speculation either.”