Animal experts have issued an urgent appeal for the public to refrain from gifting animals this Christmas, after five out of seven puppies found in a bag near Whitchurch died.

Seven puppies were found in a carrier bag in Whitchurch last week, but only two survived and are now in the care of a Southwater Vets in Telford.

Becca Cozier is the veterinarian nurse fostering them at the moment until they will be able to be put up for adoption.

She said: “A member of the public found them in a carrier bag and called Hilbrae Rescue Kennels, who we work with in taking care and treating animals.


“It was really cold that night, it snowed, so unfortunately not all seven of them made it, only Winston and Wally made it.

“We got them nice and warm, and made sure they were okay and then they came into my care.

“We’re not sure what breed they are – we need to wait for them to grow to make out any of the characteristic features of a specific breed.”

Becca also said that rescues are full at the minutes.

“You need to do your research first otherwise situations like this happens”, she added, “Definitely don’t be buying them for Christmas or birthdays – as comes the new year and they will end up in kennels.”

Whitchurch Herald: Winston and Wally.Winston and Wally. (Image: Ana Cazan)

Rob Hamilton, director of the vets practice in Stafford Park in Telford, said their plight highlighted a growing problem with abandoned pets.

He said: “It’s heartbreaking when we see animals in very poor health being brought in after being abandoned in what must be terrifying conditions for them.

“I have worked as a vet in Shropshire for many years, and we are seeing an ever-growing number of pets being abandoned for a whole number of reasons - everything from poor health to simply being too expensive.

“People really need to think very carefully before getting a pet because they are a long-term commitment and not something that can be returned like a broken toy.”

Marty Burrell, of Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in Cold Hatton, Telford, said Christmas was always the busiest time of year for taking in unwanted dogs.

She said: “We have some golden rules which we always tell people, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

“Firstly, never give a pet as a surprise present, especially to children, who will not understand the implications and cost of looking after an animal.

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“Secondly, do your research – there is so much information out there and it’s easy to find out which type of dog will suit you - a breed which will be perfect for one family may be totally unsuitable for another.

“Dogs give their heart and soul to you, and they suffer so much when they are abandoned, it’s very difficult to pick up the pieces afterwards.

“These two puppies have endured a horrific start to their life and we are just crossing our fingers that they will be able to recover.”