A WHITCHURCH resident has pleaded for cars on his road to not park on the pavement to allow access for mobility scooters, pushchairs and pedestrians.

Dave and Lyn Young live in Claypit Street, towards St Mary’s Street, and David uses a scooter to get around the town but says that a lack of space in the road has led to cars parking on the pavement.

He explained how the lack of pavement space because of the cars has led to him and other pedestrians, including parents with prams, using the middle of the road.


“There’s two mobility scooters that live adjacent to us as well and they can’t get through and we have to go through the road because the pavement on the other side isn’t wide enough either,” he said.

“It’s very narrow, plus the fact that – and you don’t realise this until you start using a scooter – you need access to dropped kerbs to get onto the pavement.

“Now it’s a one-way street, when we come back we face the oncoming traffic and people don’t keep to one side of the road but straight down it so we have to be even more careful.

“It’s only since they’ve made it a one-way street that we’ve had a problem – I appreciate they have a right to park, but there is a car park across the road that used to be rented out.”

Dave and Lyn’s plea is simple – use your commons sense.

Whitchurch Herald: Cars parked on a road and pavement in Claypit Street. Cars parked on a road and pavement in Claypit Street. (Image: James Young.)

He added: “We just don’t want people to park on the pavement because people use it for pushchairs as well, like parents bringing kids back from a nearby nursery.

“They have to go on the road with the pushchair and a toddler and it’s not really fair on them.

“Until the council does something about this or the police do, I just want people to use common sense about the way they park.”

He added: “I’m disappointed that people aren’t seeing the bigger picture that it’s not just pedestrians using the street.

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“People have been down, including local councillors and it was agreed to put ‘hatched box area’ i.e. diagonal lines, onto where we came out on the street so that people couldn’t park opposite.

“But on the day they came to do it, something changed their mind and they didn’t do it, which was about two years ago.”

West Mercia Police, which oversees pavement parking in Whitchurch, has been contacted for comment.