WALKERS from across the region descended on Whitchurch recently to enjoy a special event being hosted in the town.

Over the weekend of November 3-5, Whitchurch hosted the Walkers are Welcome (WaW) Annual Get Together 2023, which is a nationwide initiative launched in 2007 to be ‘welcoming to walkers’.

The aim is to enable the development of more than 100 accredited towns and villages to assist with their communities’ economic, physical, health and mental well-being through walking and to promote walking tourism in areas with something different to offer.


A spokesman for Whitchurch Walkers, who hosted the event, said they were delighted with how the weekend worked out.

They said: “The weekend started on the Friday evening with a folk session at The Archibald Worthington Club, with a welcome drink provided by sponsor, Pellitec Blister Prevention and a hotpot cooked and served by our volunteers.

“The Saturday morning began with Whitchurch mayor, Councillor Andy Hall, welcoming the delegates and spending time to talk with them.

“The main aims of the Annual Get Togethers are to hold the WaW general meeting and provide delegates from member towns an opportunity to network with other towns.

“It also allowed delegates to share ideas and discuss issues, such as proposed legislation to close historic footpaths that do not have legal protection.”

Following the meeting, presentations were held on the subjects of Slow Ways, the importance of footpath maintenance by Shropshire’s Parish Paths Partnership volunteers and working with local wildlife groups.

Delegates were presented with a goody bag advertising Whitchurch as a walking destination, sponsored by Involved Holidays.

The spokesman added: “The day’s activities were followed by a Gala Dinner at The Hill Valley Hotel, Spa and Golf Course, and a beetle drive – a new experience for many there.

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“On the Sunday, many joined two walks that were offered. One was a tour of Greenfields Local Nature Reserve and led by Malcolm Monie and Paul Sears, volunteers with the Whitchurch Branch of The Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

“The second walk was led by Janice Leyland, a volunteer with the Whitchurch Heritage Centre and Museum, who gave some fascinating insights into the heritage of Whitchurch from Roman times to the present day.

“Overall, the weekend was a great success and delegates from across the UK went home to spread the word that Walkers Are Welcome in Whitchurch.”