A FORMER headteacher of Prees Primary School is set to mark his 90th birthday with a unique production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and is now looking for actors.

Local actor and musician, Derek Harrison, and his wife Jennie, are set to host the event at Sir John Talbot's School on the evening of Saturday, December 9.

The duo, who now reside in Oswestry to be closer to family, are doing a shortened version of the story that will take about 45 minutes.


Derek explained: “My wife and I have directed lots of things in Whitchurch over the years.

“So for my birthday I thought why don’t I try to direct something else, and I asked my friends at the Whitchurch Little Theatre and my family to take part in it.

“From the oldest in the family right down to my granddaughter.”

Most of the main characters have already been selected for their roles, but Derek is still in search of the perfect 'Tiny Tim' and a pair of youngsters, approximately 10 to 11 years old, to fill a few other minor roles.

These parts are modest, and a few do not require speaking.

“First time we done another version of this story when I retired from teaching, nearly 30 years ago” he added. “We had staff and children from Prees Primary to star in the play then.”

Parents with children eager to grace the stage and partake in this cherished holiday tale are encouraged to get in touch with Derek.

He warmly welcomes any young talents willing to participate.

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“First time we put it on [the play], our Tiny Tim was only six years old so we welcome any children and parents willing to participate”, Derek continued.

To contact him, you can reach out by calling 01691 655724.

Next rehearsal will take place at Sir John Talbot's School on Wednesday, November 8 and Thursday, November 9 and anyone wanting to participate can join then.