A WHITCHURCH dental practice says it has increased the number of NHS-funded appointments to include children aged up to 19.

SpaDental Whitchurch, in Corser House in Green End, are encouraging parents and guardians of children aged 18 and under to get in touch to make an appointment.

Bosses at the practice says the move is part of recognising the need for children to be able to access NHS dental care after, earlier this year SpaDental applied to increase their contingent of NHS-funded patients.

Managing director of SpaDental, Christopher Hilling, said they were delighted to be able to offer even more appointment time to children 17 years of age or younger and to 18-year-olds in full-time education.


He added: “At our Whitchurch practice we are keen to get the message out to parents of potential patients that we have at least 500 children’s Saturday appointments available.

“So far the response has been less than we expected.

“At other SpaDental practices demand for children’s health care is so great we could fill every available appointment multiple times over.”

SpaDental has recruited experienced dentist Abel Adeosun to work with current staff member Adindu Etugo.

Abel is described as an experienced dentist in his home country, Abel is registered to work in the UK as a Dental Therapist while he waits for an opportunity to sit examinations and register as a dentist in the UK.

Practice manager, Sheilagh Cooper, said that those aged 16 and above can also book their own appointments.

She said: “We want to help young people benefit from the excellent oral health care we can offer funded by the NHS. We look forward to an enthusiastic response.

“Regular dental appointments are important for children of all ages.”

SpaDental even encourages parents or guardians to bring babies for an appointment before their first birthday, supporting the Dental Check by 1 campaign. Early appointments help young children get used to the clinical environment.

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Once children develop their secondary teeth, effective preventive care is essential for their teeth to stay healthy for a lifetime.

SpaDental’s philosophy is to focus on effective preventive care, so children learn how to keep their teeth healthy and their mouths comfortable.

SpaDental Whitchurch is located in Corser House, 17 Green End, SY13 1AD. They invite applications for appointments through their online form.