A lucky street in the Whitchurch area has won big in today's People's Postcode Lottery draw.

The People's Postcode Lottery sees players signing up with their postcode and paying £12 per month to be entered into various draws.

The lottery then runs a daily draw in which those with a ticket can win up to £1,000 and in today's draw (Friday, October 6) lottery a winning postcode near Whitchurch came up.


These include the Monday to Friday daily £1,000 draws, a weekly £30,000 draw on a Sunday, a monthly draw that sees one postcode share £3.2 million, and a new draw that sees one postcode share £1 million every Saturday.

Today the winning postcode was SY13 2QG which covers Chapel Lane in Whixhall, which will see residents potentially winning £1,000.

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A third of the money that the People's Postcode Lottery receives goes to charities which help "amazing causes every single day".

The lottery is hugely popular acrss the country and supports "a wide range of charities and good causes across Britain and around the world"

So far the Lottery estimates it has provided more than £1.1 billion in funding, which is helping thousands of organisations and projects.