Fifteen people died in crashes on Shropshire’s roads last year, new figures show.

A pedestrian, a cyclist and a HGV driver were among those to be killed in collisions across the county in 2022, according to annual statistics released by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The remaining fatalities were three motorcyclists and nine car drivers or passengers.

The figures also reveal that a further 140 people were seriously injured in road incidents during the year, while the total casualties of ‘all severities’ across the county – excluding Telford and Wrekin – was 573.

This was the lowest figure recorded over the 10-year period, apart from 2020 and 2021 which were affected by the pandemic.

Of the 155 people killed or seriously injuried, 22 were cyclists, the highest figure to date, while 21 were pedestrians, which represents the third highest figure over the decade.

The figures show the rate of deaths and serious injuries varies significantly across the four areas covered by West Mercia Police.

In Shropshire, there were 74 deaths or serious injuries per billion vehicle miles travelled, compared to 89 in Herefordshire, 62 in Telford and Wrekin and 51 in Worcestershire.