A BID to change a building in Whitchurch High Street from commercial to mixed use has been successful.

Applicant Saul Mellor, from Get Moving Estate Agents, put in the planning proposal to Shropshire Council in July, this year.

Planning officer Melanie Williams, from Shropshire Council, approved the change to mixed use, meaning the three-storey premises – next to Whitchurch Civic Centre – will now be partly converted into two flats.

The work also did not meet the criteria requirement needed for prior approval.


In her report, Ms Williams said: “The property is located in an area of mixed residential and commercial uses.

“It is not considered that the commercial premises in the surrounding area would be likely to result in noise levels which would be uncharacteristic of this town centre location or result in unacceptable levels of residential amenity.

“The layout of the building has been designed to ensure that all habitable rooms have natural light. This would be provided by at least one external window.

“The proposed rear ground floor flat benefits from existing domestic storage within the rear yard space.

“No changes are proposed to the existing refuse arrangements within the shared alleyway; waste bins will be taken through the access gate to High Street for collection.

“As the proposed change of use equates to a smaller commercial use than existing and increase in residential use it is felt that there would be no significant increase in waste generated.”

Therefore, approval was granted by Shropshire Council.

There were no objections to the proposal, with Shropshire Council’s own conservation team noting that there were no planned changes to the building exterior as part of the Whitchurch Conservation Area.

It said: “The subject property is unlisted but within the Whitchurch Conservation Area.

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“It is understood that there will be no external changes to the building, with the front section of the shop retained.

“Therefore, there are no comments or objections in conservation terms in this case.”

The application form submitted with the proposal stated that works carried out in the building would all be internal, including removing and creating sub-division walls.