NEW figures have shed light on Shropshire's poor performance in tackling the issue of fly-tipping.

The data highlights that the county is sinking at the bottom of the national tables when it comes to the issuance of fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for fly-tipping offenses.

According to the statistics, Shropshire finds itself among a handful of local authority areas where not a single FPN was issued throughout the previous year.

Out of the 1,048 reported incidents of fly-tipping, a surprising 98.6 per cent received no follow-up or enforcement action.

This contrasts with regions like North Somerset, which took robust action by issuing 1,416 enforcement actions against offenders.

The situation has raised significant concerns among residents and local officials alike.


The lack of effective measures to combat fly-tipping has left many questioning the commitment of the local authorities in Shropshire to maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of their communities.

Helen Morgan, MP for North Shropshire, said: “People are rightly very proud to live in Shropshire, as evidenced by the thousands of local people who put back into their community across our county.

“It is really frustrating to then see that almost no action is taken to crack down on fly-tipping, with not a single fixed penalty notice issued in Shropshire all of last year.

“Shropshire Council need to get their act together on this and take action to address the issue, as so many other councils across the country evidently are doing.”

Calls for immediate action to address this issue have resonated across the county, emphasising the urgency for Shropshire to follow the lead of proactive councils across the country in curbing fly-tipping and preserving the region.