PLANNING permission for the building of an agricultural barn at a farm on the Shropshire border has been granted.

Shropshire Council approved the barn plans, which will be used for fruit storage, a fruit press and workshop area for agricultural machinery, at Borderfield in Marbury, last week.

The application was made by Alan Brock in June this year.

Planning officer, Mark Perry, said: “The proposal is for a small storage building on the agricultural field which has an area of around two hectares.

“The site has access points at either end and a track along the northwestern side of the site adjacent to the proposed building.


“The land appears to primarily be used as paddock land with horses grazing and riding within the manege.

“The orchard covers an area of approximately 0.2 hectares.

“It is considered that the size of the building is commensurate to the size of the holding and the intended use.

“The proposed building would be located so that it backs onto the north western boundary which is defined by a mature hedgerow containing various species of mature tree.

“There is already a recess within the boundaries alignment which will accommodate the proposed building.

“The heavily planted backdrop to the proposed building would ensure that the building has a recessive appearance and not appear visually intrusive within the site subject to an appropriate colour for the building; which will be secured by condition.

“Additionally, there is also a mature roadside hedge which provides screening other than at the point of the two accesses.”

In conclusion to his report, Mr Perry said the development complied with policies.