NORTH Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has led a conversation about how rural bus services in the county can be improved.

The MP brought bus operators, community transport providers, council officers and interest groups together on Thursday, August 24 for a discussion and ideas to provide a better service.

Since winning the seat in December 2021, Mrs Morgan has campaigned to improve transport links in the county and held the Bus Roundtable event to bring different groups together to examine the future of buses in Shropshire.

Mrs Morgan highlighted the impact of [poor rural bus services on the area and says she hopes it can be improved.

She added: “Buses are an integral part of life for many people who rely on them to get to shops, jobs and doctors’ appointments in Shropshire.

“However, there are too many parts of the county where people without a car are left stranded because of the lack of nearby public transport.

“This needs to change and the Government needs to recognise how much harder it is to run bus routes in rural areas compared to cities.

“I’m really grateful to everyone who contributed to such a constructive discussion at this week’s event where it was fantastic to hear so much passion for public transport.

“I will be continuing the campaign to boost buses and will make sure it remains firmly on the agenda in Parliament.”

Local firms Tanat Valley and Lakeside Coaches, from Ellesmere, and community transport providers North Salop Wheelers gave an insight into the challenges of running services in rural areas.

Meanwhile Shropshire Council provided an update on plans to pilot on-demand services in the county and how these may be able to complement the existing transport network.

The group discussed what local issues could be improved to encourage more bus use and how support from Government needs to reflect the additional difficulties that come with providing buses in sparsely populated rural areas.

The MP has repeatedly called on the Government to do more to boost bus services in Shropshire.

Recently in the House of Commons, the North Shropshire MP has tabled a new law which would make sure that regular routes are provided that link market towns and surrounding areas with key services and onward connections.