WHITCHURCH is celebrating yet another year of having Fairtrade status.

The town was re-awarded the status on Friday, August 4 by the Fairtrade Foundation, with the next renewal set for the same day in 2026.

Judy Bellingham, from Fairtrade Whitchurch, said they were delighted and hope to celebrate at October’s BlackBerry Fair.

She said: “Whitchurch has been a Fairtrade Town now for 13 Years.

"We gained the status in 2010 and hoped to celebrate 10 years in 2020 but the pandemic put a stop to that.


“The Fairtrade Foundation has changed some of the criteria needed to be classed as Fairtrade and now we have been awarded a Fairtrade Community status thanks to hard work by members of our town.

“We will hopefully celebrate this achievement at the Blackberry Fair in October.

“Look out for stickers in shop windows of those who support Fairtrade.

“If any shops or businesses think they qualify for a sticker, please let us know and we will gladly give you one.”

For more, email fairtradewhitchurch@gmail.com