AN ATMOSPHERE of celebration filled the air as women from Shropshire, Cheshire, and North Wales gathered in Whitchurch to honour the achievement of artist and now-published author, Lisa Lochhead.

The occasion marked the successful funding of her kickstarter campaign and the official launch of her much-anticipated 'Art of the Sacred Wheel' oracle deck and companion book.

Lisa said she was very excited to have been published.


She said: “It is an exciting time in my work for the oracle deck and book to now be published, and I am so grateful to all my backers for supporting me to birth this epic project into the world."

The culmination of two-and-a-half-years of dedicated effort, the project has been met with resounding support from backers across the globe.

Whitchurch Herald: Lisa Lochead, published authorLisa Lochead, published author (Image: Lisa Lochead)

Enthusiasts from the UK, USA, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, and Turkey rallied behind the project, pre-ordering their decks and books to make Lisa's vision a reality.

The 'Art of the Sacred Wheel' represents a transformative tool for women seeking self-discovery, spiritual growth, and a profound connection to the cyclical nature of life.

Through Lisa's artwork and insights, the deck unlocks the mystical powers of the natural cycles — the seasons, solar and lunar cycles — and reclaims the essence of the Divine Feminine from the chaotic modern world.

Whitchurch Herald: The 38-card ‘Art of the Sacred Wheel’ Oracle Deck and Companion Book. The 38-card ‘Art of the Sacred Wheel’ Oracle Deck and Companion Book. (Image: Lisa Lochead)

Each card within the deck showcases Lisa’s artistic brilliance, featuring vibrant colours and captivating imagery inspired by spiritual and universal archetypes.

Accompanying the deck is the companion book, a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and Lisa's personal insights behind each card. This thoughtful guide empowers women to tap into their intuition and apply the wisdom held within the deck to their everyday lives.

For those eager to experience the 'Art of the Sacred Wheel' oracle deck and companion book, Lisa Lochhead's Studio & Gallery in the Heritage Centre Courtyard, Whitchurch, offers the opportunity to purchase the deck and book in person while also showcasing the original artwork.