AN APPEAL for witnesses has been launched after a dog was run over in a Wrexham village.

North Wales Police say the incident took place at around midday on Saturday, July 22 in Overton.

They added that it occurred not far from the police station in Station Road.

They did not provide an update on how the dog was doing or a description of the dog, but are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident take place.

This was due to the driver not stopping at the scene.


Wrexham Rural PCSO Dean Sawyer said: "This afternoon at approx 12.00 a local pet dog was run over in Overton.

"We are asking if anyone witnessed this as the driver of the vehicle did not stop.

"The incident took place not far from the Overton Police Station on Station Road."

Anyone with information which could help is asked to contact North Wales Police.

PCSO Sawyer also added a link to the PetHelpful website which provides details on what you are advised to do if you hit a dog with your car.

These are: 

  • Stop your car and get out where it is safe to do so.
  • Check on the animal. If the dog is still alive, call for assistance and wait until help arrives. Move the animal only if you can do so safely, and it's necessary to prevent further injury or possible accidents from cars swerving to avoid hitting it.
  • Use caution when moving the dog. A hurt and scared animal can become aggressive and lash out or bite. If possible, try to muzzle it with some type of fabric. You can use gloves and a blanket or jacket for protection as well.
  • If no owner is present, check the dog for tags. You can use the information on the tag to contact the owner. If there are people around, you can also ask if they recognize the dog and can identify the owner.
  • Call the police or animal control for assistance. They can make sure the dog is taken to a veterinarian where it can receive care. The vet can also scan for an identification microchip.