WEM Young Farmers Club (YFC) will be holding a black tie ball this year as the club marks its 80th anniversary.

The event will be held on Saturday, July 1 in Sleap starting with a drinks reception at 6.30 pm and be followed by a meal and then a dance with a live band playing.

Event organiser, Carey Mason, was pleased with the support the event has received from local businesses.

She said: "We have been really lucky to be supported by a lot of local companies, which have offered sponsorship.

"The National Farmers Union (NFU) has sponsored the welcome drink.

"But there are lots of small companies which have supported us by sponsoring tables."


"There is quite a lot of support from companies in the agricultural sector, but we have received support from other companies as well."

She added: "I am quite humbled by it. The support we have had is incredible actually.

"We sold 430 tickets so far and have a few left."

Carey mentioned how the event will be a special occasion with the club celebrating its 80th anniversary and about the opportunities it has provided for her children.

She said: "Eighty years is a long time.

"It will always be agriculturally based. But there are more people coming into Wem YFC because they fancy heading off to dances.

"My children have been in it, our fifth one is desperate to join but he is a bit too young.

"The opportunities it has given them are incredible.

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"My second daughter, Charlotte held a post within Wem YFC.

"She was secretary and went on to hold a countywide role."

"The experience she had helped her going forward and speaking in front of people."