COUNCILLORS in Ellesmere have agreed to write to Shropshire Council and the Environment Agency to ask for further help over algae issues in the Mere.

The decision was taken at the latest monthly meeting of the town council last Monday after an update concerning the body of water.

Ellesmere mayor Councillor Anne Wignall told the meeting that there had been ‘many complaints’ around the algae, which is considered dangerous to people and dogs swimming in the water.

Councillors were told that Sean Burkey, from Shropshire Council, has also written to an officer at the Environment Agency, with no reply yet, around the blue/green algae.

The meeting heard his specific line of enquiry was around the cause of an early outbreak of the bloom plus a ‘rotting smell’.

Councillors also told the meeting that a recent UK triathlon even was only given the go-ahead a week before it was set to happen because of the condition of the water.


Warning signs have been posted for visitors, but Cllr Geoff Elner, who is also a Shropshire councillor, called for the letters to be written after Cllr Pete Jones called for clarity on what to do when it happens again.

Meanwhile, Cllr Wignall will call a convening of the health and wellbeing working group to discuss next steps after councillors received an ‘unsatisfactory’ response around medical provision.

Earlier in 2023, the council wrote to Rachel Robinson, Shropshire director of health, and the Integrated Care Board, to express concerns over a lack of medical provision as housing developments continue.

But Cllr Wignall added that the response said it was not their area and is now looking at ways to continue making the council’s point.

Cllr Elner added he was meeting with Ms Robinson to discuss Ellesmere’s medical provision.

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Deputy mayor Cllr Graham Hutchinson also proposed replaced a wooden fence with a metal one at the Kingfisher Walk Play Area after continued vandalism.

Town clerk Jo Butterworth told the meeting that she will provide costings.

Meanwhile, another councillor – Naomi Proffitt – was co-opted to the town council, and was welcomed by all members.