A COUPLE hoping to buy an old Grade II-listed hotel have applied to change the property from commercial use into a family home.

Together with DaC Design Ltd, Mr and Mrs Darren and Netanya Clixby, have applied for the change of the existing The Grange, in Grange Road in Ellesmere, to form a new single dwelling, as part of their process of purchasing the development.

The Heritage, Design and Access Statement DaC submitted on behalf of the couple says that there is no plan for any building works to be carried out at this stage.

They added: “At this stage the applicants want to simply change the use class of the property, no alterations or renovations are proposed at this time.


“The property is currently habitable, so they want to first live in it and to take time to understand the property, before proceeding with any changes.

“As a result, the impact of the simple ‘change of use’ has no real heritage significance.”

DaC added that any future restoration plans will be put through the Shropshire Council planning process, but they are looking to retain all the original features where possible – with any future work being subject to a more detailed Listed Building Consent Application.

The planning application explained that the site is currently used for a small printing and publishing business and residential dwelling by the current owners.

The main house was used for weekend retreat and training seminars before Covid but this part of the business is now closed.

Only part of the main property is lived in by the owners.

Situated on the northern outskirts of Ellesmere, The Grange occupies a position that was once part of a sprawling 100-acre estate, complete with a lake, stables, farm buildings, and a dairy.

Over time, the farm buildings, lake, and dairy have been sold and repurposed as residential units.

The Grange itself is a charming country house, originally constructed in the mid 18 century and later expanded with numerous additions during the nineteenth century.

It holds the esteemed Grade II listing, and many of its original features remain intact, showcasing its historical allure despite its age.

Whitchurch Herald:

While it initially served as a private residence, The Grange underwent a transformation in the latter half of the 20th century, transitioning into a hotel and residential retreat.

DaC added: "Returning the property to its former use will only enhance its heritage significance."

The application for the change from hotel use to family home, is currently pending consideration with Shropshire Council.