A PERFORMANCE of the famous opera Carmen is going to take place in Whitchurch this month.

Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra and North Wales Opera Studio (NWOS) will be putting on the performance which will take place in the Civic Centre in High Street on Thursday, June 22.

The performance is directed by Anne Williams-King and Maira Georgarou will star as Carmen.


The NWOS was founded by Anne and has provided performance opportunities for talented stars.

Anne said: "Our top professional team has years of experience in the world of opera and train people from when they’re just starting out until when they’re ready to go into the big wide world of opera."

The opera revolves around the themes of love and jealously.

A spokesperson said: "Carmen, a searing depiction of a woman who craves love, but creates obsession and jealousy, is one of the most popular operas ever written.

"Bizet‘s Spanish-inflected score is bursting with passionate melodies and famous numbers such as Carmen’s seductive 'Habanera' and Escamillo’s 'Toreador song."

In addition to, Maira as Carmen, the Whitchurch performance will see tenor Lewis Quinn as Don Jose in Whitchurch.

Whitchurch Herald: Maira Georgarou will star as Carmen.Maira Georgarou will star as Carmen. (Image: Katy Rink)

Anne is pleased to be working alongside Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra.

She said: "We are so thrilled and excited to have the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra accompanying our very talented young singers for this production of Carmen.

"It will be a tremendous experience for them as there are not many opportunities to sing with a full symphony orchestra when trying to get established in the opera singing business."

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Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra leader Alex Postlethwaite added: "I've spent much of my professional life in opera pits around the country, to me it is a perfect art form.

"Joining with NWOS will bring fun, drama, thrills and huge challenges for the orchestra and it's wonderful to be able to link up with this local opera studio and working with fantastic singers many of whom are at the beginnings of their professional careers. 

"To be able to give them the experience to work with a large orchestra, as well as for the members of the orchestra to work with so many singers and having the buzz of performing such a well-known and hugely emotional and dramatic score will be so exciting for everyone."